ABOUT US   Founded in 2014 by Shana Faust and Alexa Mulvihill, Permanent Press Editions is dedicated to creating original photographs that are meticulously crafted and archivally printed.


All images are carefully conceived and photographed by Shana and Alexa who, after many years of working in the publishing industry—art directing, styling, designing and producing editorial photography–launched permanentpresseditions.com.


Their shared fascination with visual narratives, passion for interiors and obsession with detail led them to develop this series of photographic collections, created for both residential and contract applications. 


In addition to conceptualizing and developing new editions, Permanent Press Editions collaborates with design firms, architects and interior designers to create distinctive and cohesive collections, custom editions, and site-specific art and installations for retail, hospitality and residential spaces. Permanent Press Editions is based in Brooklyn, New York.


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